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How to Find a Research Article

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The websites shown in this article are all accessible at no charge to the public. You can use any of them to get a list of articles and, usually, abstracts (summaries) of articles for free. But access to full-text articles often requires a fee.


When you’re looking for a research article on a particular medical topic, the best place to start is PubMed. PubMed is the search engine for MEDLINE. MEDLINE is a National Library of Medicine database that has information on more than 24 million scientific journal articles, reports, books, and other publications. PubMed provides abstracts (short summaries) of many journal articles, and it has links to the full text of some journal articles.

Use PubMed to:

  • Get a comprehensive list of journal articles on a specific topic
  • Read abstracts to get a sense of what each article is about (for most articles in PubMed)
  • Get links to complete articles (for some articles in PubMed)


MedlinePlus® of the National Institutes of Health is for patients and their loved ones. The site provides information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in understandable language. You can search MedlinePlus to find a wealth of information about bone marrow failure diseases, including links to PubMed entries for journal articles.

You can also find detailed descriptions of several bone marrow failure diseases, including myelodysplastic syndromes and aplastic anemia. Each page has a summary in understandable language of the disease, lists of many other information resources, and links to PubMed entries for recent journal articles. The PubMed links are to treatment guidelines, patient education information, clinical trial reports, and review articles published in the last year. 

Use MedlinePlus to:

  • Find links to recent articles on studies in people on many bone marrow failure diseases
  • Focus your search on the most relevant articles published in the last year


Trip (originally called Turning Research Into Practice) is a search engine for medical journal articles that are particularly useful for health-care providers and patients. Search results identify the type of article (e.g., primary research, systematic review, or guidelines). Each search result has a link to the article’s website, which usually offers an abstract and sometimes the full text of the article. Trip’s user interface is simple and the results are easy to sort. 

Use Trip to:

  • Simplify the search process with a streamlined user interface
  • Find articles on clinical research (studies in people), guidelines for health-care providers, and reviews of recent research

Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation 

The foundation’s Latest Research page publishes summaries of recent articles from major hematology and cancer journals. The foundation’s Research Reviews for Patients has descriptions written by hematology/oncology professionals on important medical journal articles about bone marrow failure disease. Each summary on both the Latest Research and the Research Reviews for Patients sites includes a link to the PubMed entry for that article, where you might be able to access to the full article.

Use the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation’s Latest Research and Research Reviews for Patients pages to:

  • Quickly find recently published articles on bone marrow failure disease
  • Read summaries of the research
  • Get links to the PubMed entry for the article, where you may be able to access the full text of that article