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Health care professionals need their resources too. We offer them regional and online seminars on the latest developments in bone marrow failure treatments, as well as opportunities for continuing medical education. AAMDSIF also funds clinical research to find new treatments and to discover the cures. 


Health care providers are the primary source of information for their patients, but they too need access to factual and convenient resources to communicate as effectively as possible. Our digital and print educational tools are designed to enhance patients’ understanding of their disease, their prognosis and their treatment goals and options.

Order Printed Educational Materials for Your Patients

Free information packets are available for you to share with your patients and their families.

MDS Clinical Research Consortium

AAMDSIF is the administrator of the MDS Clinical Research Consortium (MDS CRC), a unique collaboration of six leading medical institutions designed to maximize the results of their MDS clinical trials. By sharing and comparing data, the group is able to enhance treatments and improve the lives of all MDS patients.

Fund Your Research

For nearly 30 years, AAMDSIF has provided financial support for research that leads to new insights into the causes of bone marrow disorder diseases and to the development of new therapeutic approaches. Since 1989, we have awarded over $4 million in funding to national and international biomedical researchers.