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AAMDSIF Scientific Symposium 2016 Presentations

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Presentations (pdf)

PDF icon MDS Genomics: Current Data and Interpretation2.92 MB
PDF icon Aplastic Anemia Genomics: Current Data and Interpretation, Part 11.47 MB
PDF icon Aplastic Anemia Genomics: Current Data and Interpretation, Part 2672.67 KB
PDF icon Mouse Models of Genomic Lesions: Utility as Therapeutic Platforms2.7 MB
PDF icon Aging and Hematopoiesis3.5 MB
PDF icon MDS, Aging and Inflammation2.38 MB
PDF icon Diagnosis of Marrow Failure Syndromes in the Genomic Era496.99 KB
PDF icon Telomere Modulation in Vivo3.51 MB
PDF icon Immunodeficiency and Marrow Failure3.84 MB
PDF icon Familial Myloid Diseases1.68 MB
PDF icon Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential and MDS1.46 MB
PDF icon TGF-beta Signaling and the Activity of ACE-011/536 in MDS1.53 MB
PDF icon Role of MicroRNA Haploinsufficiency in Bone Marrow Failure1.6 MB
PDF icon Role and Mechanism of IFNgamma-mediated Alterations in Hematopoiesis3.4 MB
PDF icon Significance of Somatic Mutations in Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes557.23 KB
PDF icon Hematologic and Immune Defects Associated with GATA2 Mutations3.8 MB
PDF icon Aplastic Anemia in the Philippines650.33 KB
PDF icon Allogeneic Transplantation for Older Patients with Severe Aplastic Anemia1.52 MB
PDF icon MUD HSCT as FIrst Line Treatment in Idiopathic Severe Aplastic Anemia1.11 MB
PDF icon Haplo-identical Transplantation for Fanconi Anemia1.11 MB
PDF icon Long Term Outcomes After Allogeneic Transplantation for Fanconi Anemia1.32 MB
PDF icon Eltronbopag Added to Immunosuppression414.69 KB
PDF icon An Update on RACE: the European Trial Combining Eltrombopag and Immunosuppression 1.64 MB
PDF icon Eltrombopag for Aplastic Anemia in Developing Countries: The Brazilian Experience1.31 MB
PDF icon Where Do TPO Agonists Fit in MDS?1.05 MB
PDF icon Molecular Genetic Testing to Predict Response to Therapy in MDS3.16 MB
PDF icon Advances in Therapy of Non-del5q Lower Risk MDS284.94 KB