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Spread Awareness

Spreading awareness about bone marrow failure disease is one of the most significant ways people can help AA&MDSIF. Because these diseases are rare, it is important to educate others about what aplastic anemia, MDS, PNH, and other bone marrow failure diseases are. There are many easy and effective ways to help AA&MDSIF spread awareness about bone marrow failure disease in your own community.  Also check out our easy fundraising ideas.

Here are some ways you can help spread awareness:

  • Distribute AA&MDSIF brochures and bravery bracelets. You can purchase bracelets from our Web site (10 for $10) and give them to family, friends and colleagues to wear in exchange for a donation. Hand them out with brochures. Read about some fast facts you can share with others.
  • Organize a fundraising and awareness event. There are many different events you can easily organize to raise awareness – and raise money at the same time. Through an event, you're able to reach out to others in your community to educate them about bone marrow failure disease. Check out these ideas.
  • Take AA&MDSIF brochures to your health professionals and to those in your area. Educating nurses and doctors about AA&MDSIF – especially in community oncology and hematology practices – will, in turn, help those patients they diagnose find AA&MDSIF services and support faster. Request materials.
  • Forward the eInsider to everyone you have an email for – family, friends, colleagues, and your health care professional. They will learn more about these diseases, help them understand what you are facing, and might even help someone else they know who has yet to be diagnosed.
  • Tell your story. Share your or your loved one's experiences with a bone marrow failure disease.  Organize a lunch-time talk, write a blog, or use social media like Facebook to tell your story. Share it with AA&MDSIF as a Story of Hope.
  • “Like” us on Facebook. By being a part of our online community of hope and inspiration, you will spread awareness about AA&MDSIF to your Facebook friends.Visit our Facebook page.
  • Advocate to your local representatives. Visit our Action Center to learn how you can easily take action and contact your local Congressmen and Senators about important legislation regarding bone marrow failure disease.
  • Organize a bone marrow and/or blood drive. By having a bone marrow drive, you can help other patients who are in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. Distribute AA&MDSIF brochures at the same time, and you can educate others in your community about bone marrow failure disease.
  • Organize a work place gathering. In 2 hours, you can start off your colleagues’ day by providing a simple breakfast of bagels/muffins and juice, have a brown bag luncheon where you provide dessert, or step out for a lunchtime walk with your colleagues. At each of these, you can educate your co-workers about bone marrow failure diseases and why you support AA&MDSIF. Let them know why supporting our programs makes a difference.
  • Contact the health or local community reporter at your local newspaper or TV station. Tell them your story and connection to bone marrow failure disease. Explain these diseases and why it’s important that others know about them. Tell them about AA&MDSIF. Let them know why it’s important that others donate blood and bone marrow.
  • Get involved with a Community of Hope. Connect with others in your community to help raise awareness as part of a larger, local group. Communities of Hope are volunteer-led local groups, working together with AA&MSDIF staff, which connect patients and families with each other to provide peer support & information exchange and to raise awareness and support for AA&MDSIF programs. Connect with others.
  • Organize a Hope, Steps & A Cure Walk. With the help of AA&MDSIF, organize a walk in your community to let people know about bone marrow failure disease. Whether you are a survivor, or have lost a loved one, this is a great way to raise awareness and make an impact. Learn how.
  • Organize a House Party. A house party is an event, held in your home, to which you invite people you know. It can be a morning brunch, an afternoon tea, or an evening wine and cheese gathering. Light refreshments are served, and at some point during the event, someone talks to the gathering about AA&MDSIF and bone marrow failure disease. You can plan one in just 5 simple steps. Learn how easy this is to do!