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Introductory image: Team June Bug at the Houston 2018 March for Marrow walk


  • Learn about bone marrow failure disease
  • Make an impact by raising public awareness and funds
  • See how programs grow with their support
  • Make new friends

Spread Awareness

Spreading public awareness about bone marrow failure disease is one of the most significant ways people can help AAMDSIF. Because these diseases are rare, it is important to educate others about what aplastic anemia, MDS, PNH, and other bone marrow failure diseases are.

Here are some ways you can help spread awareness:

  • Request AAMDSIF brochures and bring them to your health professionals and local medical team
  • Share your personal Story of Hope
  • “Like” us on our Facebook page.

March for Marrow

Our regional walks - March for Marrow - are dedicated to raising funds for critical research and patient programs. The walks are a great opportunity to unite as a caring community and work together to fight these diseases.

See our walk calendar and register as an individual walker, start a team or join an existing team. Use our easy online registration and join us. Anyone can take part - children, adults and seniors. www.marchformarrow.org

Design a walk that fits your interests and availability, such as:

  • A Neighborhood Walk
  • A Community Walk
  • A Citywide Walk

For assistance in planning your own March for Marrow walk, please contact ambassadors@aamds.org or (301) 279-7202 x103.

Online Fundraising

Raise funds quickly and easily to help AAMDSIF search for a cure for aplastic anemia, MDS, PNH and other bone marrow failure diseases.

Whether you want to participate in or host a sporting event, celebrate a wedding, honor a loved one, stage a car wash, you can challenge friends and family to raise money for AAMDSIF. It's easy and we have lots of tools to help you succeed.

For example, you can create your own web page for a fundraising event and send your personalized web page to family, friends and colleagues – anyone who will help you reach your goal.

To learn more, contact ambassadors@aamds.org  or 301-279-7202 x103.

Organize an Event

Do something you know well. Design an event around your interests and community connections. Remember – events come in all shapes, sizes and forms with a variety of themes.

Examples of successful ideas:

  • Sports tournaments (golf, tennis, basketball, bowling)
  • Bike/walk/dance-a-thon
  • Craft/antique fair
  • Talent show
  • Wine/food tasting event
  • Silent/live/online auction
  • Organize a bone marrow and/or blood drive.
  • Organize a workplace gathering

For assistance in planning your community event, please contact ambassadors@aamds.org or (301) 279-7202 x103.

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