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Community Events

AAMDSIF breaks down the wall of isolation felt by many rare disease patients by offering different types of communities with which they can connect. We frequently hear how difficult it is for patients to find each other, so we facilitate their ability to bond with people facing the same health issues. With live local support groups and volunteer-led events, patients and families gain strength from engagement with their peers and other supporters, while participating in awareness campaigns for bone marrow failure disease.    


March for Marrow Walks

Local organizers hold walks large and small in communities of all sizes, making imaginative use of their surroundings to encourage people to get out and walk with a purpose. These popular events attract the full range of local citizens, from families with strollers, to students, employers and seniors. To learn more about our walks and local events, contact Margaret Fitzgerald at or 301-279-7202 x103.

Local Events

Awareness events come in all stripes, from barbecues and tag sales to friendly sporting competitions and raffles. Run by families, caregivers or volunteers,  this type of engagement is not only a healthy way to be social. It also leads to fundraising opportunities for the research programs AAMDSIF supports to find the cure for bone marrow failure.  For your convenience, we also post events led by professionals from allied health-related organizations.

Community Connections

Formerly known as Communities of Hope, these groups are a valuable source of local peer-to-peer engagement, connecting patients and families with each other for mutual compassionate support.