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How can I find out the latest research in treating my disease?

Most patients and families want to learn about recent advances in clinical research, particularly research leading to better treatments and outcomes. We offer the following resources to help you keep up to date on current research:

  • Personalized support from Patient Educators by emailing or calling (800) 747-2820
  • Latest Research section on our website with recent articles from major hematology/oncology journals
  • Online courses where you can learn from our webinars, webcasts, interviews with experts and interactive learning modules
  • Clinical trials page that describes how new treatments are develop and how to find clinical treatment options for your disease
  • Print and electronic publications that keep you informed with research news
  • Patient and Family Conferences connecting you experts and a caring community

Periodically ask your hematologist or oncologist, as well as other members of your health care team, about the latest clinical research findings. They will be able to tell you how new research may or may not apply to your current medical management. Your hematologist or oncologist is often the best source for advances related to your care.

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