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John Huber

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Former Executive Director, AAMDSIF
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John Huber was the Executive Director of AAMDS International Foundation from 2006 - 2016. During his tenure, John led a series of strategic plans to more effectively support bone marrow failure patients and also drive research to find a cure.  Through John’s leadership, the Foundation forged the innovative MDS Clinical Research Consortium, an innovative collaboration among exceptional clinical researchers at six of the nation’s leading academic medical institutions and a game-changing project which aligned with the strategic goals and direction of AAMDSIF.  John also led the creation of the MDS Alliance, a strategic partnership among global MDS patient advocacy organizations and a new focus on educating health care professionals with Scientific Symposiums.  Throughout John’s service to bone marrow failure patients, AAMDSIF transformed from a rurally based to a centrally located, deeper partner with NIH and the hematology/oncology professionals.  The Foundation is deeply indebted to John for his leadership and service to the Foundation.

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