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Interviews with Specialists and Researchers

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In December 2021 AAMDSIF cosponsored a symposium entitled, “Resuscitating a Dying Marrow: Emerging Concepts and Treatment Advances in Myeloid Malignancies” preceding the American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting in Atlanta, GA. These interviews with the symposium speakers provide the key information for patients from each presentation.


In this interview, Dr. Seth Corey explains germline pre-disposition to myeloid malignancies and how it could impact treatment of myeloid malignancies.

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In this interview, Dr. Mark Juckett of University of Minnesota Medical School discusses why in recent years bone marrow transplantation has become more of an option for older MDS patients, the risks and benefits patients need to be aware of before proceeding with a bone marrow transplantation and additional information related to bone marrow transplantation.

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In this interview, Dr. Gert Ossenkoppele discusses how molecular targets are used to personalize treatments for AML, why AML patients should consider clinical trials, and additional questions related to AML.

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In this interview, Dr. Naveen Pemmaraju of University of Texas explains what Chronic MPN is, what treatments are currently available for Chronic MPN, and additional information related to Chronic MPNs.

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n this interview, Dr. Antonio Risitano of University of Naples Federico II discusses what current treatments are available for PNH, why it's important for PNH patients to enroll in the Global PNH Patient Registry, and additional topics related to PNH.

#PNH #ParoxysmalNocturnalHemoglobinuria

In this interview, Dr. Yogen Saunthararajah discusses how an MDS patient's risk level is determined, what treatments are currently available for low risk MDS, and more.

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