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pure red cell aplasia (PRCA)

Six Areas of Care

In consultation with expert health professionals, we are highlighting 6 aspects of care that are common to all patients. We encourage you to pay attention to each of them, as they are part of everyday life and will impact your body's needs. You'll also feel better if you take the recommended actions.  


AAMDSIF sponsors live education events throughout the year. This includes satellite symposia at annual medical association meetings, as well as smaller live regional events where community-based health professionals can hear from leading experts. The International Bone Marrow Failure Disease Scientific Symposium is our biennial professional meeting held near Washington, DC. LEARN MORE


AAMDSIF holds two types of educational conferences - those devoted to the needs of patients and families and those tailored for health professionals. Both long-term survivors and the newly diagnosed come to patient conferences for updates from leading experts, to learn new skills and to connect with each other. Our professional events include regional conferences, as well as top-tier global scientific meetings. 

Older Adults

By 2030, when all baby boomers will be at least 65 years old, the population of adults in this age group is projected to be 71 million (Administration on Aging, 2007). These represents a more than a 100% increase in the number of persons 65 years and older. That might sound like great news, however who will care for them?  Caregivers.

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