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aplastic anemia

Solving a Diagnostic Mystery

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Emma's Story, Part 1

In January 2016, my 9 year-old daughter Emma turned yellow. After seeing her regular doctor, we were sent straight to the hospital. They found that her liver enzymes were extremely elevated and sent us to a second hospital. After extensive blood panels and scans, they still couldn’t determine the cause of Emma’s liver inflammation, and so the process to find her a new liver began.

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Anna Sobon

When she began to get increasingly tired, she  thought it was due to her hectic schedule or maybe some lingering after-effects of her bout with mononucleosis the previous summer. Even as her strength was dwindling, Anna stayed determined to keep up with her daily routines while she waited for her symptoms to simply go away.

AAMDSIF Virtual Film Festival

Over the past few years, several documentaries and dramas about people living with aplastic anemia have been created by independent filmmakers and by patients themselves. These depict the everyday lives of patients coping with a diagnosis, the challenges presented by treatment and the hardship caused by inadequate medical insurance coverage.

Whether fictional movies, or stories about actual patients and families, these portrayals bring you into the world of bone marrow failure disease in an uncompromising and straightforward manner.

SAA Patient Contributes to NIH Research

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Dominique Hughes

I was 19 years old when I found out that I had low blood counts. At this time I was just starting college and also working three different jobs. I was having extreme stomach pains and abnormal periods. I went and saw my gynecologist and routine tests showed my low blood counts.

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Upfront haploidentical transplant for acquired severe aplastic anemia: registry-based comparison with matched related transplant

Xu LP, Jin S, Wang SQ, Xia LH, Bai H, Gao SJ, Liu QF, Wang JM, Wang X, Jiang M, Zhang X, Wu DP, Huang XJ
Primary Author: 
Journal Title: 
J Hematol Oncol
Original Publication Date: 
Jan 2017


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