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Caring by Patient Type

Introductory image: Conference participants - father and daughter

Pediatric Patients

Parents and caregivers of pediatric patients require special support. They need to learn how to gently explain the disease and help the child adjust to their new way of life. When your doctor says the time is right, the young adult will need your assistance with the transition from pediatric health care to adult health care.

Older Adults

The average age of diagnosis for MDS is currently 72. With the improved diagnostic ability of health professionals, coupled with people living longer and the large baby boomer population, this patient group will continue to grow over the next decade.

Veteran Patients

The article below - Agent Orange, United States Military Veterans, and Myelodysplastic Syndromes - was originally published in the MDS Beacon by David Steensma, MD, FACP. Dr. Steensma is a physician at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. MDS and related conditions are his primary research focus. Dr. Steensma is a member of the AAMDSIF Medical Advisory Board.

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