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Victor Pastor, Ph.D.

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University of Freiburg

M.Sc. Victor Pastor is a PhD. candidate of Biology at the University of Freiburg, Germany. Originally from Peru, he studied biology and forestry before continuing onto hematology. After studying the deer diet and the forest structure in the Peruvian dry forests, he decided to go to Germany for a masters in forest ecology and management where he focused his research in dendrochronology of tropical species.

After 11 years in the field of ecology and feeling the need for a greater challenge which more directly contributes to the improvement of human health, he applied for a job as a research assistant in the Bone-Marrow Failure Group led by Dr. Marcin Wlodarski at the Freiburg University Hospital. Due to his deep knowledge in Biology, he got the position and after a few months he decided to take the challenge and apply for a PhD position in the same group which he successfully obtained. His current research is focused on GATA2 deficiency in children with MDS and the generation of in vitro models for pathophysiological studies and therapeutic correction.