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Guang-Shing Cheng, M.D.

Position / Title: 
Associate Professor
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Primary Disease Area of Focus: 
  • Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)
Other Disease Area(s) of Focus: 
Pulmonary diseases

Dr. Guang-Shing Cheng is Associate Professor in the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutch in Seattle.  Dr. Cheng is a pulmonologist who focuses on improving outcomes for cancer patients who have respiratory failure and lung complications related to their cancer treatments. She is developing new ways to prevent lung damage and improve lung function in these patients. Dr. Cheng’s main interest is bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, a serious complication of blood stem cell transplantation. She also studies the role of respiratory viruses and other infectious pathogens in lung disease in patients with compromised immune systems.

Practice Location: 
Fred Hutch
Seattle , WA ,
Physician Status: 
  • accepting new patients