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Carmelita P. Escalante, M.D.

Position / Title: 
Department Chair and Professor of General Internal Medicine
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Other Disease Area(s) of Focus: 
Fatigue in cancer patients

Carmelita Escalante, MD, is Professor and Department Chair inthe Department of General Internal Medicine, Division of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  

Dr. Escalante is an active researcher, serving as Principal Investigator on numerous studies related to fatigue and other symptoms in patients with cancer and other conditions including bone marrow failure diseases like aplastic anemia, MDS, PNH and AML.  Dr. Escalante not only teaches, she also serves a mentor for other health care professionals and students in high school and college who are considering a health profession.  

Dr. Escalante's expertise is helping patients, families, caregivers and healthcare professionals understand the impact of disease on patients.

Practice Location: 
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Physician Status: 
  • accepting new patients
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