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Treatment Tracking Tools

Treatment Tacker

For patients undergoing treatment for aplastic anemia, MDS, and PNH, treatment can be long and improvement can be slow. AAMDSIF is pleased to offer tools to help patients monitor their progress, record their reaction to therapies and even track their medication. They also help patients track their daily symptoms and treatment progress.  This information can be shared with doctors and family, allowing everyone to see progress with treatments or supportive therapies over time.

Getting Started

Tracker App video

Watch this video on how to use the app

Each day, use the Symptom Snapshot to track and record the day-to-day symptoms and side effects related to your bone marrow failure disease and treatment. The total snapshot score will help you see even small changes over time. You can also track your treatments (along with your lab work results) so that you can easily see how your treatments affect your overall quality of life. You can “share” the information you record on the app or spreadsheets with your doctor or family. The information you record with the Tracker app or Excel spreadsheet will be sent only to the individuals you designate. With the smartphone app, you can even send it to yourself to keep a copy on your computer!

No smartphone or iPad?

These tools can help you manage symptoms and treatments!


Introducing the AAMDSIF Tracker App for Smartphones and iPad

The Tracker app is available free and can be downloaded:

  • iPhone/iPad users can get the AAMDSIF Tracker in the iTunes store.
  • iPad users can also download the iPhone version of the Tracker app
  • Android users can get the AAMDSIF Tracker in the store   

How to use the Tracker app:

  • Use the sliding scale on the “Symptom Snapshot” to keep track of how you feel during and after your treatments. Slide the scale from “0” to “10” to show how you are feeling for common symptoms and side effects. You will see a total score, your “snapshot” at the top. Tracking your symptoms and any treatment side effects regularly will help you and your medical team know how you are doing while you are in treatment. You can share this information as a chart or spreadsheet with your healthcare team or your family members via email. Your doctor may be able to provide other therapies to help manage any symptoms and side effects you experience.
  • When you have blood work results, you can record your lab work data to keep track of even small changes over time. Use the app to view charts or spreadsheets that document changes in your blood work. You can record your "Lab Work" results for easy review and sharing. Just use the “Lab Work” button to enter your blood work information in the appropriate category. Share this information with people you choose.
  • Document any treatments or supportive therapies you have to see what the impact on your symptoms or lab results is. Tap the “Treatment” button to enter the different type of treatments you have received and the app will record the type and date for you. You can add specific information or view your treatment report by tapping the arrow (>) on the right side of your screen.           do you feel today?