Registration Open 2/3 for 2016 Conferences

Select city for details.

-Washington, DC - 3/19
-Cincinnati, OH - 4/30
-Seattle, WA - 6/18
-Raleigh, NC - 7/16
-San Diego, CA - 9/17
-San Antonio, TX - 10/8
-W. Palm Beach, FL - 11/6

*Joint event with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute.

Meet Top Experts and Fellow Patients at a Free Conference Near You

2016 Patient and Family Conferences - We're Saving You a Seat!

Learning is Hope, Connecting is Strength

ConferencesThe Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation is offering seven FREE patient and family conferences in 2016. Where will we see you?

Whether you have aplastic anemia, MDS or PNH, are newly diagnosed, a long-term survivor, a caregiver, family member or friend, you can count on our conferences to deliver the latest diagnostic and treatment news from the nation’s leading bone marrow failure experts.

Our conferences offer a supportive and comfortable learning experience, with plenty of time to get your questions answered. In addition, we provide practical tips for living with these disorders and a safe environment where you can share your experiences with fellow survivors coping with similar challenges.

Why should you attend?

-Gain unprecedented access to top experts.

-Return home a wiser and better-equipped self-advocate.

-Meet those who genuinely understand what you are going through.

What to Expect from 2016 Conferences:

  • An in-depth review of all the available standard treatment options
  • The latest information on cutting-edge therapies and a look at what new potential therapies are currently being developed
  • Practical steps you can take to help you become an even stronger self-advocate
  • Understand how to effectively navigate the health care and insurance systems
  • Find out about the essentials of advanced care planning
  • Meet other patients and family members, connect to a Community of Hope in your area and discover our Peer Support Connection
  • Learn how AA&MDSIF can help you with this life-altering journey
  • Registration for our first conference in Rockville, MD will open in early 2016
  • It’s FREE, so mark your calendars now. Advance registration is always recommended