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Share Your Story

Richard AnnenbergWhat is your story of hope?

Beyond the statistics of bone marrow failure diseases are inspirational stories of hope and courage. YouTube Stories of Hope from patients, families, and volunteers in communities across the country give inspiration to many who are living with bone marrow failure diseases. Your Story of Hope can be humorous or poignant. You can share as much or as little as you would like. Whatever story you choose to tell, it will have meaning and bring hope to those who watch it.

Tell your story by recording a 1-2 minute video that we can share on our website, YouTube, and, Facebook.  Watch Richard's video - he's a 23 year aplastic anemia survivor - then create your own!

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • What bone marrow failure disease do you have?
  • How long have you lived with your bone marrow failure disease?
  • What has changed in your life since your diagnosis?
  • How did it affect the lives of people close to you?
  • Can you share a little of your new normal? What changes have you had to make because of your bone marrow failure disease?
  • Do you feel you have gained anything from your experiences?
  • How has the AA&MDS International Foundation helped you?
  • Is there anything you have learned from your experience that you would like to share with other patients or their families?
  • Teens/young adults: share your experience with bone marrow failure disease. What would you want others to know about your journey? How are you transitioning from pediatric to adult medical care?
  • Parents of pediatric patients: share your experience of helping a child with bone marrow failure disease. If your child is a teen or young adult, let others know how you overcame the challenges related to your child's transition to adult health care.

Email your video to Benita Marcus. Questions? Contact Benita at (301) 279-7202 x102.