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  1. Coversin in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria (PNH) in Patients With Resistance to Eculizumab Due to Complement C5 Polymorphisms

    ... Exclusion Criteria). Must agree to take appropriate prophylactic precautions against Neisseria  infection. Must be ...

    Clinical Trial last updated 08/26/2016 - 11:59am.

  2. Nonmyeloablative Haploidentical Transplant Followed by MLN9708

    ... substitute for mycophenolate mofetil as the second GVHD prophylactic medication). The primary endpoint of this trial will be ...

    Clinical Trial last updated 04/29/2016 - 1:05pm.

  3. Lenalidomide and Rituximab in Subjects With Previously Untreated Indolent Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    ... breast Able to take aspirin (81 or 325 mg) daily as prophylactic anticoagulation. (patients who are intolerant to aspirin may ...

    Clinical Trial last updated 06/06/2016 - 10:17am.

  4. Clinical Utility of Lenalidomide in the Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndromes

    ... in the beginning. Risk for blood clots are low and prophylactic anticoagulation is not recommended. Lenalidomide can be used ...

    Research Review last updated 05/02/2016 - 9:12am.