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  1. The Diagnostic Spectrum of MDS, MDS/MPN, and MF Reference Card

    ... prognostic scoring system for myelodysplastic syndromes. Blood.  2012:120(12)2454 View this article on PubMed WPSS ... information from karyotype, platelet count, and transfusion status. JCO 2011;29(4): 392. View this article on PubMed ...

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  2. Jeffrey Pu, MD, PhD

    ... marrow is a sponge-like tissue inside the bones. Most blood stem cells sit in bone marrow and are capable to differentiate into red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Bone marrow failure ... experimental hematology fellowship and a clinical transfusion medicine/blood banking fellowship at the Lindsley F. Kimball ...

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  3. Interviews with the Experts Comorbidities: When Other Medical Conditions Affect MDS Treatment

    ... emphysema and then gets a pneumonia resulting from the low blood counts that often occur when treatment with azacitidine ... to coordinate that procedure with treatment cycles or with transfusion support in our infusion unit. Or, if it is a non-essential elective ...

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  4. Understanding Prognosis in MDS

    ... where the marrow is trying to make the correct amount of all blood cells as evidenced by the high degree of cellular activity—red blood ... is having red cell transfusions, and the IPSS did not. A transfusion is an independent prognostic factor that matters— patients not ...

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  5. Research Overview – Recent Past Progress and Projections for the Near-Term

    ... are destined to die, which is the reason for peripheral blood cytopenias. So we have to use fresh patient specimens for that part of ... where they found that a good number anemic patients who were transfusion dependent, became free of needing transfusions. That will go ...

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