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Join the AA&MDSIF “Swabbing Across the States” campaign!

Introductory image: March for Marrow - Team Krissie

Swabbing Across the StatesWhat is “Swabbing Across the States?” This is a bone marrow drive campaign with the goal to hold bone marrow drives in every state during every day of Aplastic Anemia and MDS Awareness Week.  By holding numerous drives across towns and cities in the U.S. during Awareness Week, together, we can make an impact in raising awareness about bone marrow failure disease while also signing up people for the bone marrow registry to help save lives.

How do I get started? It’s easy!  In just a few simple steps, you can set up your own bone marrow drive.  Follow these simple steps to participate in our Swabbing Across the States campaign.

  • Contact AA&MDSIF. We are your resource, and we are here to help you get started. We will send you an official Awareness Week Volunteer Kit. We will promote your bone marrow drive on our Community Calendar on our website as well as send eBlasts to patients and families in your hometown.
  • Contact Delete Blood Cancer/DKMS by February 16, 2015 for your swab kit. They are our partner in this campaign and will provide you with all the supplies you need for a successful drive. Email or call (866) 340-3567.
  • Find a location and set a date at a community center, place of worship, place of employment. Use your network of friends, neighbors, and colleagues to help you find the perfect location for your bone marrow drive. Set a date between March 1 and March 7. Promote your event using resources in the volunteer kit.
  • Learn more. We have many resources and tools to help you organizae your event and spread awareness.

Have questions or need help getting started?  Contact Martha Crews, Community Development Officer, by email or phone (301) 279-7202 x103. Together, we can raise awareness about bone marrow failure disease in your own community.

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