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Interactive Learning Modules

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Learn Disease Basics With Interactive Modules on the Online Learning Center

Interactive Learning Module

Do you need to know the basics of bone marrow failure disease? Do you find it hard to explain your diagnosis to friends and family?

Test your knowledge with the interactive learning modules on our Online Learning Center. The Information in each module is presented in an easy-to-understand format, using graphics, animation, and audio. You can repeat a page, skip ahead to a new section of the module, or even return to an earlier page. Interactive modules also help you learn by quizzing you on the content you have just covered. Questions are asked throughout the program and provide immediate feedback on your response.

The Online Learning Center offers 6 interactive modules:

  1. Blood and Bone Marrow Basics
  2. Aplastic Anemia
  3. MDS
  4. Types of MDS
  5. PNH
  6. Clinical Trials

Visit the Online Learning Center and check your knowledge by using the Interactive Modules indexed on the left side of the page.

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