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Catherine's Craft Fair

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Catherine MacLean started Catherine’s Craft Fair in 2000 as a 9 year old girl. When Catherine underwent drug therapy in 2000 to put her aplastic anemia into remission, she kept busy during her recovery by making crafts while waiting for her blood counts to rise. She sold these crafts and raised money for a local food pantry. In 2001, Catherine underwent a bone marrow transplant, and again, during her recovery, she was determined to hold another craft fair. This time, she raised money for AA&MDSIF. And the tradition of Catherine’s Craft Fair began. Over $18,000 has been raised through this event.

In 2010, the event changed slightly. Catherine was off at college, busy with the demands of being a freshman. So, her brother Ian and their friends Connor Schmidt and Benjamin Johnson decided to carry on the wonderful tradition of Catherine’s Craft Fair. They did everything from planning to organizing to running the fair. They even added a few new features – a moon bounce and an obstacle course. Currently, the event is organized by Catherine’s younger brother Alex.

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