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PNH Travel Assistance Fund

AAMDSIF seeks to ensure that all PNH patients can see a PNH specialist to seek the best course of treatment. The Foundation also helps patients with costs related to stem cell transplants in cases where this treatment is required.

Although there are many knowledgeable hematologists, it is highly possible that because of the rarity of PNH , your local community hematologist may never have seen patient with PNH. Seeking a second opinion from a PNH specialist -- one who has treated many cases and is up to date on current research and treatment -- is something the Foundation feels is important. A PNH specialist is an excellent partner to your community hematologist. In creating your support team, (family, friends, other patients, and medical professionals), be sure to include a PNH specialist. It is assuring to know your community hematologist has a expert already lined up who is familiar with your case.

AAMDSIF may be able to provide financial aid up to $3,000 per eligible, U.S.-based PNH patient with demonstrated financial need, for the following costs:

  1.  Medical fees (not covered by insurance) and related travel expenses to see a PNH specialist for the first time
  2.  Travel and housing fees for PNH patients undergoing a bone marrow transplant

To apply for patient support, please complete the following form.  A volunteer or our patient educator will be in touch to discuss your individual situation. You can reach our patient educator directly by email or phone (800) 747-2820 x140.

Please apply for patient support prior to making your appointment to visit a specialist or to undergo peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT) or bone marrow transplant. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your application to be reviewed.