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Summer Patient and Family Virtual Conference, July 17, 2021

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Sat, 07/17/2021 - 8:00am (EDT)


Managing the Side Effects of Bone Marrow Failure - Summer 2021 Conference
 Eric Padron, MD, Moffitt Cancer Center

Diagnosing Bone Marrow Failure Diseases - Summer 2021 Conference
 Amy Duffield, MD, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Everything You Need to Know About Transfusions - Summer 2021 Conference
 Elizabeth Bowhay-Carnes, MD, UT Health San Antonio

Parenting a Child with Bone Marrow Failure Disease - Summer 2021 Conference
 Jennifer A. Hoag, PhD, Children’s Wisconsin

MDS: Understanding Risk Scores - Summer 2021 Conference
  Swapna Thota, MD, UT Health Science Center

This is Your Brain on (Chemo) Drugs - Summer 2021 Conference
   Jorg Dietrich, MD, PhD

Longevity and Bone Marrow Failure Disease - Summer 2021 Conference
  Sandrine Niyongere, MD, University of Maryland

Learning About Aplastic Anemia - Summer 2021 Conference
  Bhumika Patel, MD, Cleveland Clinic

Understanding Lower Risk MDS - What are my Options? Summer 2021 Conference
  Amer Zeidan, MD, Yale Cancer Center, Yale School of Medicine

Managing Higher Risk MDS and AML - Summer 2021 Conference
  Eunice Wang, MD, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Living Your Best Life: Exercise and Nutrition - Summer 2021 Conference (Jul 2021)
  Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, Penn State Cancer Center

Ask an Expert: Pediatric Parents - Summer 2021 Conference
  Timothy Olson, MD, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Philiadelphia; Akiko Shimamura, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital

What is PNH? Summer 2021 Conference
  Lawrence Rice, MD, Houston Methodist Hospital

Managing PNH and Complications - Summer 2021 Conference
  Carlos M. DeCastro III, MD, Duke Health

Relapsed/Refractory Aplastic Anemia - Summer 2021 Conference
  Bhavisha Patel, MD, National Institutes of Health

Advancing Research Through the Global PNH Registry: Q & A with Dr. David J. Araten (Jul 2021)
  David Araten, MD

In Sickness and in Health - Summer 2021 Conference
  Isabel Schuermeyer, MD, VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System


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