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Clone of Support Networks

Connecting with other patients and families can be a powerful and uplifting experience. Our networks let you learn from others, share your journey, get support and make new friends. You have the option of connecting on a one-to-one basis or with a group, and you decide how you want to connect - by phone, in person or online.

Speak with a Peer Support Network Volunteer

Bone marrow failure diseases are rare, so it is often difficult to meet others who are dealing with issues similar to your own. But you are not alone! We can help by putting you in touch with other patients and families also battling these diseases.

The Peer Support Network consists of a national network of volunteers, including patients, caregivers and family members, willing to listen and offer comfort and support.  In addition, volunteers may share personal experiences, coping strategies, problem solving skills and informational resources. These support sessions take place over the phone.

Volunteers receive special training provided by AAMDSIF. They are also required to sign an agreement stating that they will keep all caller information private and confidential.

Our volunteers know the importance of networking with other patients, spouses, family members and loved ones. Speaking with a Support Connection volunteer is a great way to obtain information and receive emotional support.

Talk to a volunteer now:

Call (800) 747-2820, select option 1, or email, and we will match you with a Peer Support Network volunteer who can best meet your needs.

Become a Peer Support Network volunteer:

Visit the Peer Support Network Volunteer Center to learn more.


Join a Community of Hope

AAMDSIF is building Communities of Hope - volunteer-led local support groups - to create ongoing, local organizations supporting patients and families and  to raise awareness and support for AAMDSIF programs. Find a Community of Hope in your area.

Communities of Hope are built:

  • To connect patients and families with each other and provide a local resource for peer support, information exchange, and education
  • To connect patients and families with us so we can introduce them to our them with our latest services and programs
  • To engage volunteers in spreading awareness  in patient and health care communities, as well as the surrounding area
  • To create advocates and raise support for AAMDSIF

Each community will look slightly different from another community. It’s up to the members of the local community to decide how they want their group to function. Each community will determine what activities they’d like to participate in – all with the help and support of AAMDSIF.

Many of the active Communities of Hope function as an enhanced support group. They meet on a regular basis, and speakers are invited to talk about topics that matter to the group.  If you live in near a local Community of Hope support group and want to join, please email the volunteer coordinator noted below.

Learn more about upcoming Community of Hope events.

Learn more about starting your own Community of Hope.


Marrowforums - Connect Online

Connect online through Marrowforums, where patients and their families, friends, and caregivers assist and support each other through online discussion and sharing.