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Welcome to our blog!

Greetings and welcome to #MarrowStrong blog!

We’ll be posting a new blog twice a month on the best information for patients and families, and we hope to bring a smile, too!.

We  have a lot of events lined up for 2018, planned for you and the #MarrowStrong community:

  •  Be sure to check out the new Patient and Family Conference schedule here. We’ll be heading to 7 cities to give you  access to the nation’s top medical experts and connect you with other patients for mutual support.
  • Another way for patients to connect with each other is through Marrow Forums. Join this secure conversation now, and when AAMDSIF launches its new online community this spring, you’ll be among the first group of patients to migrate to this modernized user-friendly platform. Watch this blog for news about the launch date.
  • In March, we’ll hold our biennial International Bone Marrow Failure Scientific Symposium. Researchers from around the world gather to present their latest findings on bone marrow failure and learn from their peers. We will keep you posted on all the activity there via this blog and our social media, so tune in March 22nd and 23rd!

Today, we’d like to chat about clinical trials. As you may know, the annual conference of the American Society of Hematology is held every December. 25,000 researchers in hematology and oncology present new data, along with how those results might affect the development of new treatments. AAMDSIF was there, presenting its own symposium and meeting with our Medical Advisory Board and MDS Clinical Research Consortium.

Speaking of clinical trials, you may have noticed how a study is always described in terms of the “phase” of a trial that it represents. For patients and caregivers, here’s a shorthand way to think of these phases:

   Phase I = This is an idea!

   Phase II = This idea might work!

   Phase III = The Nitty-Gritty.

If this is your year to consider participating in clinical trials, you may have many questions. You can find more detailed information on our website. Explore these clinical trial pages, and let us know what you think!

Your happy thought for today:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

Watch this space our next blog. And remember to stay #MarrowStrong!