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Karen Bosse

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Karen Bosse is a two-time survivor of multiple bone marrow failure disorders (aplastic anemia, PNH, and MDS), once as a young teen and again as a new mother, twenty years later.  After all possible treatments, except a bone marrow transplant, she experienced spontaneous remissions by working together with her physicians and incorporating complementary and integrative medicine techniques. 

Karen has her Masters degree in Hospital Administration from Xavier University and has worked at various healthcare facilities in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Most recently she worked with the Integrative Medicine Center at the University of Cincinnati to increase the awareness of the mind-body connection and its affect on our overall health and wholeness.  Karen continually strives to teach the importance of hope and empowerment when dealing with a critical illness.  She serves on several patient advisory councils both locally and nationally, including the AAMDSIF, to bring that message forward.