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Wrapped! Another Excellent PNH Event

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Thursday, October 6, 2016
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A Great Day to March and Walk

Nearly 200 PNH patients and their families, friends and supporters gathered on Sunday, Oct. 2, at Riverside Park in New York City for the 11th Annual March for Marrow/Walk for PNH. The event is the nation’s single largest fundraiser dedicated to patient support and medical research to find new treatments and a cure for PNH disease. By all accounts, the Walk was a great success.

“It’s truly inspiring to see so many people whose lives have been impacted by PNH united together in one place” said Erin Olivier, a member of the Walk for PNH event team and whose father has PNH. “It’s a great event that not only raises needed funds, but gives people like myself who live with PNH a rare opportunity to unite with other patients and families around a common cause, ” said Marlena Connor, Walk coordinator and past president of the PNH Foundation.

Bill and Linda Halvorsen once again hosted their ever-popular brown bag auction at the Walk, with a wide array of valuable donated prizes, including event tickets and hand-crafted gifts. “Participation in the auction this year was one of the highest we’ve seen since starting the Walk” said Bill Halvorsen, whose son Dan is a PNH patient. “We’re proud to say that every dollar we raise through the auction goes directly to PNH research.”

“The ties that bind PNH patients and supporters are strong and plain to see. We call that MarrowStrong,” said Kathleen Weis, CEO of the Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation. “Every year, the crowd gets bigger and even more enthusiastic than the year before.  I can’t wait to see the turnout at the 2017 Walk!”

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