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MDS Clinical Research Consortium Meets at ASH 2016

Original Publication Date: 
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
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Foundation Update

Just before the active program of the annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting kicked in, AAMDSIF and members of the MDS Clinical Research Consortium (MDS CRC) took the opportunity to meet with partners and friends. Several pharmaceutical researchers interested in clinical research in MDS joined the MDS CRC principal investigators for refreshments and discussion at the reception we hosted. The Cleveland Clinic’s Mikkael Sekeres. M.D., co-chair of the consortium, gave a brief presentation about the history, current operations and future plans of the CRC for event attendees.

The remainder of the evening was spent entertaining questions from interested researchers and highlighting the many accomplishments of the four year old consortium. Significantly, five presentations based on the collaborative work of the consortium were given at ASH 2016 by various members and their research fellows.

Many of those presentations will result in manuscripts published in hematology/oncology medical journals, joining the eight publications already released by the group. The MDS CRC looks forward to continued productive partnership among the six member institutions, while moving forward and expanding this collaboration with international MDS researchers.

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