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Additional Operating Policies

Conflict of Interest

Before any contracts are awarded for the purchase of goods or services, management and staff review them for any potential, perceived, and/or real conflicts of interest with respect to board members, key volunteers, or staff. In the event of a conflict of interest, the matter is referred to the Executive Committee of the board for discussion and resolution.

AA&MDSIF will not promote or endorse any drug or treatment on the basis of the receipt of a grant or donation from a pharmaceutical company or any other private entity.

Process of Determining CEO Compensation

The CEO’s performance and compensation is reviewed by the executive committee using compensation studies published by ASAE, BoardSource, and others for comparative data. The Executive Director’s salary is approved by the executive committee when then informs the board. This entire process is documented. Salaries of all staff are reviewed annually by the Executive Director using compensation survey data for comparable size and type of organization.

Compensation for Board Members

Members of the Board of Directors are not compensated for their time and work with AA&MDSIF.

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