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  1. Supportive Care

    ... therapy. Red cell growth factor is called erythropoietin or EPO for short. It is a hormone naturally produced in the liver. Man made forms of erythropoietin come in the brand names Epogen® and Procrit®. Darbapoietin, is ...

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  2. PNH Drug Information


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  3. MDS Drug Information

    ... epoetin alfa  ( Erythropoietin ) E pogen, P ...

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  4. MDS: Diagnosis

    ... results from your CBC. EPO level EPO, or erythropoietin , is a protein made by your kidneys. It is created in ...

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  5. ASH 2012 - Reviewing MDS Progress from Research and Clinical Perspectives

    ... works for platelets in the way that growth factors like erythropoietin (Procrit®) or darbepoetin (Aranesp®) work for low red ... patient response for red blood cell growth factors such as erythropoietin, we now have a model to predict patient response ...

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  6. Interviews with the Experts Managing MDS With Supportive Care and Active Treatment

    ... This includes red blood cell growth factors like erythropoietin (Procrit®) or darbepoeitin (Aranesp®), which is a ...

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  7. Lower-Risk MDS: Diagnosis and Treatment Options

    ... abnormality, the next treatment to consider is erythropoietin (EPO). EPO is the hormone that stimulates red blood ... effect. If patients are producing suffi cient levels of erythropoietin on their own, there is a much lower chance of responding to ...

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