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  1. What are low blood counts?

    When you have a low blood count, this means your bone marrow is not making enough of ... counts. Doctors use an important blood test called a complete blood count, or CBC for short, to measure the number of each blood ...

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  2. PNH: Diagnosis

    ... years before they get a correct diagnosis. 3 Types of Blood Cells With PNH, your doctor can usually divide your blood cells ... to get other lab tests as well. These include: CBC (complete blood count) Ferritin test to check your iron levels  ...

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  3. Share These Stories of Patients Fighting MDS

    ... comprised of injections to boost his hemoglobin and red-blood cell count as well as blood transfusions that occur every three to four ... retains his own health records and keeps track of his CBC (complete blood count) results. Larry restores cars – his latest project being ...

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  4. 2013 Scholarships Awarded to Special Group of Young People

    ... Soon afterwards, doctors noticed a drop in all three blood counts and by August, Kyle was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. One month ... field as a medical technologist and knew from the first CBC (complete blood count) result that the road ahead would not be easy but she and ...

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