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  1. The Five Principles of Standing Up for Your Health

    ... and treatment options. Although a diagnosis of bone marrow failure disease is an unwelcome life event, strong self-advocates ...

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  2. The Transplantation Procedure

    ... your body. Computed Tomography Scan, Skeletal X-Ray, or Bone Scan These tests provide detailed images of your body. They're used ... lead to a higher risk of relapse of the patient’s bone marrow failure disease.  Retrospective studies [add & link into glossary: ...

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  3. Marrowforums

    ... from other patients with the same diseases.  For bone marrow failure diseases, Marrowforums is a site where you can do ...

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  4. What is MDS? iPad App

    ... Up For Your Health program helps patients with bone marrow failure diseases and their families develop the skills necessary to ...

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  5. Aplastic Anemia Research Focus Group

    ... AA&MDSIF knows that you are the experts on living with bone marrow failure diseases. We periodically get requests from researchers ...

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  6. Judy Joyce Memorial Golf Tournament


    Fundraising Event last updated 11/08/2013 - 3:15pm.

  7. Health Related Quality of Life and Well-Being

    ... to well-being. Even when diagnosed with a rare bone marrow failure disease, you can still work to establish a favorable health ...

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  8. Health Care Team Players: Meet the Nurse

    ... Some RN’s are involved in research.  Bone marrow failure patients may have advance practice registered nurses (APRN) ...

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  9. Aplastic Anemia Halloween Benefit Bash


    Fundraising Event last updated 10/31/2012 - 3:56pm.

  10. AA&MDSIF Erwin Umbach/MacGillivray Research Fund

    When his father-in-law, Erwin Umbach, passed away, AA&MDSIF board member Jim MacGillivray created a research fund as a tribute to him to find answers about MDS.

    Page last updated 10/01/2012 - 3:25pm.