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  1. Kathryn (Kate) Bauer, Retired MDS Patient Living Life to the Fullest Since Transplant

    ... can't even spell it!"  The stage was Refractory Anemia with Excess Blasts (RAEB-1) with one chromosomal ...

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  2. Androgens

    ... to make more red blood cells. This can improve anemia . Androgens are more likely to be used if you have other bone ...

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  3. Members of the Media

    ... treatment, and emotional support. The Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation (AA&MDSIF) is an independent ... patients, families, and caregivers coping with aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), paroxysmal nocturnal ...

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  4. Zhe Yang, PhD


    Grant Recipient last updated 12/06/2013 - 4:25pm.

  5. MDS Clinical Research Consortium

    ... $16 million initiative is sponsored by the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation (AA&MDSIF) of Rockville, MD, ...

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  6. Join the AA&MDSIF “Swabbing Across the States” campaign!

    ... drives in every state during every day of Aplastic Anemia and MDS Awareness Week.  By holding numerous drives across towns ...

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  7. Clinical Trial Basics

    ... Without research studies on children with aplastic anemia , the healthcare team may not have the level of information needed to ...

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  8. Blood Transfusions

    Page last updated 11/19/2014 - 2:46pm.

  9. American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting 2014

    ... Summaries Lay language summaries for aplastic anemia PNH Studies Summary Report: International PNH Interest Group ... to explain the most important new research on aplastic anemia, MDS, and PNH. These physicians are AA&MDSIF Medical Advisory Board ...

    Page last updated 03/11/2015 - 3:10pm.

  10. 2014 Bone Marrow Failure Disease Symposia - Washington University in St. Louis

    ... myelodysplastic syndromes , aplastic anemia , paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria , and myeloproliferative ...

    Page last updated 10/29/2014 - 3:39pm.