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AA&MDSIF Julia Malsin Research Fund

Julia MalsinMike and Heather Malsin established the Julia Malsin Research Fund in memory of their daughter Julia who passed away from aplastic anemia in 2012. 

Julia had been battling a sinus infection, but when her liver enzyme became elevated, she began taking medicine to control it.  Then, she developed red dots on her arms and legs, or petechiae, which indicated low platelets.  Julia had a complete blood count taken, and they learned she has low platelets and low white blood cells.  She was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in January 2011. She started ATG/cyclosporine treatment in February.  But several months later and after no response to treatment, Julia developed a serious infection.  The family decided to start searching for a bone marrow donor.  They found an unrelated donor, and Julia had her transplant in October.  Unfortunately, Julia developed complications from her transplant, and It was determined that she had IPS (idiopathic pneumonia syndrome).  Julia passed away on January 27, 2012.

Every day, Julia’s family remembers how brave she was despite her odds.  She had a strong fighting spirit in the face of such pain and loss.  She was determined not to be defined by her disease. All she ever told her parents was that she missed being Julia, the smart, athletic girl. She was an unbelievable human being and an incredible example of how to live. After Julia passed away, Mike and Heather, along with their daughter Alyssa, decided to dedicate the rest of our lives to making a difference with aplastic anemia.  With the Julia Malsin Research Fund, they hope that one day, a cure will be found for aplastic anemia.