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aplastic anemia

Briana Donis

“I was having a pretty awesome year.  I was very well known at school and I had a boyfriend.”  She had just been accepted at the school of her choice when she noticed how really tired she was all the time. And then the bleeding started.

Effect of antithymocyte globulin source on outcomes of bone marrow transplantation for severe aplastic anemia

Kekre N, Zhang Y, Zhang MJ, Carreras J, Ahmed P, Anderlini P, Atta EH, Ayas M, Boelens JJ, Bonfim C, Deeg HJ, Kapoor N, Lee JW, Nakamura R, Pulsipher MA, Eapen M, Antin JH
Primary Author: 
Kekre N
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Original Publication Date: 
Mar 2017

For treatment of severe

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Denise Beauchemin - My Life is Making a Difference

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Denise Beauchemin

Beginning September 2012, I just wasn’t feeling quite right. I was increasingly fatigued and there were some perplexing bleeding incidents, as well. After many months I experienced partial vision – just little areas of vision that were blank. Internal bleeding in the eyes was causing this, and my eye doctor knew it was serious and even thought it could be leukemia.

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Ricky Smith, Jr.

"I just wanted to live the normal life of a teenager," said Ricky. But it just wasn’t meant to be. When he was taken to the hospital to find out why he’d become so weak, he passed out because he had so little blood in his body.

Solving Emma’s Diagnostic Mystery

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In January 2016, my 9 year-old daughter Emma turned yellow. After seeing her regular doctor, we were sent straight to the hospital. They found that her liver enzymes were extremely elevated and sent us to a second hospital. After extensive blood panels and scans, they still couldn’t determine the cause of Emma’s liver inflammation, and so the process to find her a new liver began.

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Tartan Trailblazers March for Marrow: Detroit, Michigan

Get up, get out and get going to the Tartan Trailblazers March for Marrow 5K Run & Walk! Whether you’re a jock or not, you can turn out and help us find a cure for

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Sun, 06/04/2017 -
11:00am to 3:30pm
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Anna Sobon

When she began to get increasingly tired, she  thought it was due to her hectic schedule or maybe some lingering after-effects of her bout with mononucleosis the previous summer. Even as her strength was dwindling, Anna stayed determined to keep up with her daily routines while she waited for her symptoms to simply go away.